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Once all the other details of the wedding are complete, the biggest concern you'll have is finding the right look to compliment your gorgeous gown. After all, picking the perfect hair style to wear on your big day takes careful planning and lots of thought. When deciding on the right ‘do to don't, you might want to thumb through bridal magazines, tab pictures of styles that catch your eye and discuss the look with your stylist. As you collaborate on your bridal style, remember to keep these dos and don'ts in mind:
  • Decide if you want to wear your hair up or down. Make sure that the type of headpiece you purchase will work with all types of styles.
  • Keep in mind the texture and length of your hair. If you are absolutely sure you want to wear your hair up, almost any style of headpiece will work. Make sure that if you want your hair to be seen, you select a headpiece that your hair can come up through or one that is on a comb, which can be placed in front of or behind the hair style. Also, if you will be removing the veil after the ceremony, be sure to let your stylist know ahead of time (this can make a big difference as to how the hair will be styled from the beginning).
  • Consider the time of year when deciding on a hair style. If you are having an outdoor wedding/reception, think about how your hair handles up against heat and humidity. Do you have a backup style in mind that will stand up against wind and rain? Are pictures going to be taken outside in the heat, humidity or wind? Your stylist knows the answers to these questions when designing your hair.
  • Remember, the best hair style for you is one that reflects your personality. It should be a style that is in perfect balance with your headpiece and gown. Your hair style should be designed to reflect the beauty of your headpiece, veil and facial structure, yet comfortable enough to last throughout the entire day!
  • Most importantly, when deciding on the perfect hair style for your big day, make sure to schedule your trial run with your stylist no less than 6-8 weeks before the wedding date. The Bridal Agreement above will help you further plan out and schedule all needed appointments for everyone in your wedding party. Be sure to discuss what you need to do to prior to day of the wedding (i.e.., cut, color retouch, perming, straightening and/or conditioning). One last question to ask your hair stylist is what to do with your hair the day of the wedding. Should you wash it that morning or not? Things to never do to your hair the week of the wedding: try a new cut, color or highlights, lowlights, get a perm or relax your hair (you’re just asking for trouble)!
Whether you want a very detailed hair style, the perfect mess, or a more sophisticated, elegant or simple look, the hair style you wear on your wedding day should be polished to perfection with comfort, longevity, style, personality and balance in mind. And, remember, with the wedding only weeks away, your hair style should be the last thing you need to worry your head over! Relax, enjoy and let your hair stylist do the rest!

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