H - Vision and Culture - Spring Hill, KS
With Sylvia @ Everything's Hair -  At Everything's Hair!


Atmosphere...Collaborative, Creative, Light, Fun Energy when anyone walks through the door. Greeted with smiling faces.  Total Quality Commitment...Strive to meet and exceed standards of performance and excellence, follow pre-established processes, do what's best for the guest.  Service Driven...Listen and respond to needs of the business, the team and the guests we serve.  Technical Excellence...Education and skill orientation.  No redos...Quality and consistency come first.  On time Service...Sensitivity to guest's time value, meticulous booking procedures, organized and controlled front desk.  Guest Responsive...React quickly to guest's needs, take action.  Team Service...Skills of the entire staff are available to each and every guest.


Ethical Behavior and Practices...We Never compromise our business, professional or personal ethics in behaviors or actions. Integrity at All Times...we display and practice the utmost in professional integrity with all guests and all team members at all times. Un-compromised Teamwork...We cooperate and collaborate with each other in order to maintain the Best, LIGHT and FUN work environment. We strive to achieve business goals and objectives. Professionalism...We practice and adhere to the highest standards of professional excellence. Open and Honest Communication...We Listen and respond to all team members and guests with understanding, patience and self control.

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