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We are Hiring!
Think of it... The Audience (guests) arrives to a heart pounding fun, light atmosphere, anticipating an amazing show. The curtain goes up and the play begins. The audience applaud as the cast (stylists) begin their narrative, looking Fly in their costumes. The drama begins, all are on the edge of their seat to see how it plays out.  The audience is in awe of the creativity and passion of the cast. They are so emotionally moved as if the play was written just for them. As the plot thickens and the cast delve further into their crafted roles, the audience roar in excitement as the climax is realized. A perfect show they won't soon forget and will tell family and friends, "A Do Not Miss".  The curtain closes, the applause and standing ovation gets louder. The Audience is Shouting ENCORE, ENCORE!!!
Will You Join Our Cast? Be a star to your audience and shine bright with us.

We are looking for New Professionals,Hair Stylists, Barbers, and Receptionists at our Salon located in Spring Hill, KS.. If you're interested in working in a fast growing salon with unique opportunities to grow in the salon industry then we look forward to hearing from you. ​​If you're interested in working at Everything's Hair, fill out the form below. ​
Thank you! 

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