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COME RELAX WITH US! Not only will you receive Super Service with all your hair and nail needs, get bronzed for Spring in our Level two lay down bed featuring facial lamps or our Level three stand up bed featuring a shorter session of just ten minutes to a luminous tan.  Brand New..enhance your tanning experience with Swedish Beauty! Swedish Beauty`s motto is 'Beautiful Tan, Beautiful Skin.' Proper skincare is absolutely essential and the basis for a beautiful, luminous tan. The Swedish Beauty lotions blend natural bronzing extracts with botanical ingredients that provide immediate bronzed color. Learn more HERE.

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GET a fresh start
1. Treat Hair with Extra TLC

Using a deep conditioner like Super-Charged Moisturizer once a week will help hydrate and rebuild damaged hair. Also suggest they try a conditioning styling product like The Cream before blow-drying to provide added moisture and strength.

2.Switch Up 
Your Stylers Styling products that offer humidity resistance will help combat any frizz and unruliness caused by spring showers.Super Skinny Serum and Gloss Drops are two of our frizz-fighting favorites.

Every Strand Just like skin, hair needs protection when you’re outside having fun in the sun. The Paul Mitchell Sun collection will shield hair from damaging UVA and UVB rays, while extending the life of hair color

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Sylvia Crisler

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Get the Low Down on Curling Irons

The Low Down On Curling Irons

Who knew there were so many kinds of curling irons? Depending on the style, this handy tool can add bounce, spirals and curls. While they’re a great aid to gorgeous locks, they must be used properly! Here are some tips:

  • Don’t use curling irons on wet hair. This strips the hair of vitamins and minerals that will keep your hair healthy.

  • Get one with a temperature control. That’s the best way to avoid split ends.

  • Use thermal protection products prior to styling. This adds an extra shield to protect hair from heat.Have fun and flaunt your Diva self!

Product Recommendations!

Basics: Protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling.
Benefits: Boosts hair’s strength, fights frizz and provides flexible hold.
Bonus: Adds great memory for effortless curls or smoothing with a hot iron.
  • Rice hull extract builds a weightless barrier between hair and heat styling tools.
  • Wheat proteins deliver an extra dose of strength.

Paul Mitchell® Pro Tools™ are gentler on hair thanks to our exclusive Express Ion Complex™—a blend of volcanic minerals that naturally delivers conditioning negative ions and far infrared heat.

Products of the Month!

Lavender Mint
Say ahhhhh. Quench thirsty hair and soothe the senses with calming lavender, mint and tea tree.

"Best Hydrating Shampoo""Best Shampoo"Lavender Mint
Moisturizing Shampoo™HYDRATING AND CALMINGBasics: This calming quencher cleanses 
and soothes.
Benefits: Replenishes dry, unruly hair.
Bonus: The dreamy scent puts hair and mind
at ease.
  • Moisture-rich conditioners and amino acids improve strength, shine and manageability.
  • Calming lavender, mint and tea tree 
    soothe mind and spirit. Sizes (oz): 2.5 10.14 33.8(L)

Lavender Mint
Moisturizing Conditioner™HYDRATING AND CALMING
Basics: This soothing quencher hydrates and detangles.
Benefits: Softens and replenishes dry, thirsty hair.
Bonus: The dreamy scent puts hair and mind at ease.
  • Ultra-rich conditioners hydrate moisture-starved hair.
  • Calming lavender, mint and tea tree soothe mind 
    and spirit.
Sizes (oz): 2.5 10.14 33.8(L)

Stop in and start the hydrating and calming today!
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